Beating the Summer Heat

In the summer months, when the temperature rises above 27°C, if seems like everyone is scrambling to find cooling options. If you live in a climate where air conditioning is the norm, it’s easy to just head inside (or go to a shopping mall where the AC is kept on all day long!). However, in most parts of the world, air conditioning is a relatively new luxury. So how can you stay cool when Mother Nature is running hot?

Experts say the most important thing to do in the battle to stay cool is dress appropriately for the weather and temperature. In higher temperatures, especially when it’s sunny, natural fibers (100% cotton, silk, linen) and light colors will help you feel cooler and more comfortable. Be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing, which allows air to circulate freely and any perspiration to evaporate quickly.

Read on to discover things you can do to help cool you down this summer and ones that don’t waste electricity or leave a massive carbon footprint. Tips to Beat the Heat:

  1. Drink plenty of cool (not too cold TTT!) liquids. Cool liquids may be a shock to your system.
  2. Spritz your face, arms and legs with water in a spray bottle (keep the bottle in a cool place or the refrigerator).
  3. Use a cotton towel moistened with cool water to cool your forehead or neck (you can even freeze it first!). Or simply run cool water over your wrists for a few seconds after washing your hands.
  4. In the early morning hours, open windows and doors to air out your space before the sun comes up. Leave windows open at night if safe, but watch out for mosquitos.
  5. Close the shutters, curtain or blinds before you leave for the day to block out solar rays.
  6. Drink a hot beverage (best in hot, dry climates, any humidity will probably make you feel even hotter).
  7. Avoid hot showers and hot baths (moist heat feels hotter, like a steam room!). Use cool water for personal cleansing (you’ll take less time and use less water too!)
  8. Go for a swim or put your feet in a shallow bucket of water.
  9. Turn off unnecessary electricity (lights) and avoid cooking with oven or stove.
  10. If you have a ceiling fan, switch to counter clockwise mode, which circulates the heat up.
  11. Snack on non-dairy popsicles. Or freeze fruit and eat it slowly for a sweet cool treat.
  12. When working, put your computer in “sleep mode” when not in use. It won’t emit any extra heat.
  13. Give your feet a breather: wear cotton socks, or sandals, or even take off your shoes!
  14. Dry your clothes naturally or use dryer at night and open nearby exterior doors to let out any accumulated heat.
  15. Exercise before or after the sun goes down to avoid sun stroke or heat exhaustion.

Tip: You can turn a table top fan into a mini air conditioner by placing a metal (!) bowl of salted ice in front of it when in operation. Make sure the flow of air moves slightly above the bowl for the best effect.

Stay hydrated and protect your skin with sunscreen in these summer months. It’ll be cooler again before you know it! What do you do to beat the heat? Go to our facebook page and add your comments to this post. We’d like to hear from you.

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