More and more couples are waiting until a later age to have children. To avoid fertility issues that develop with age, many people choose to freeze their egg or sperm cells during their peak reproductive years to ensure they can conceive later in life. While freezing sperm is a relatively simple procedure and can be done almost anywhere in the world, freezing eggs is more complicated and may not be available in some countries. To maximize the chances of a safe and effective treatment, it is best to work with a specialized clinic with experienced doctors, such as the expert German clinics in Premier Healthcare Germany’s network.

Patients can plan their appointment for cryopreservation via Skype or telephone. After undergoing tests in their home country, the doctors in Germany can develop a timetable so the patient only needs to come to Germany for a few days before removing the eggs. Sometimes it is even possible for the patient to come to Germany for just one day, as the patient only needs to stay in the clinic a few hours.

Most patients choose to leave their unfertilized, frozen eggs stored in a safe facility in Germany and return to the same clinic when they are ready to conceive. While it is possible to transport frozen eggs between countries, it is often difficult to do because of the regulations surrounding the transport of human cells, which can vary by country. The German doctors and clinic staff will work with patients to come up with the best solution for their individual situation.