Premier Healthcare Germany takes the business of international management in medical tourism very seriously. We consider our primary responsibility to be the interests of the patients and their families. Our main focus is on the patient's well-being and safety, as well as on fair treatment of the patient, their family and all other stakeholders and partners involved. Therefore we are committed to, and strive towards, the highest ethical, legal, and professional standards when working with international patients. We expect our partners and suppliers to share this commitment in order to develop a patient-focused cooperation. We treat our patients and their families with compassion, respect, and dignity and comply with the Medical Traveler's Bill of Rights.

  • Our actions are driven by honesty and integrity in dealing with, and on behalf of, our patients and our business partners.
  • We adhere to all relevant German laws.
  • We treat everyone with the same respect and dignity, independent of their medical condition, age, gender, disabilities, race, skin tone, religious beliefs, nationality, or lifestyle preferences.
  • We treat all confidential patient information with the utmost care and only share data with those entities directly involved in providing relevant treatment. All information is stored in a secure place and will be deleted at the patient's request.
  • We select our primary healthcare provider in accordance to the "Premier Healthcare Germany - Primary Healthcare Provider Selection Criteria and Process," which can be made available to any patient on request.
  • We aim to provide transparency in billing and in the incurred costs to our patients.
  • We are constantly striving to improve the service we offer and welcome any type of feedback.

Management and complete staff of Premier Healthcare Germany GmbH