The decision to have a health check-up depends on the individual. While it may feel strange to go to the doctor when you are not sick, health check-ups can be a vital step to getting an early diagnosis for a condition or disease you did not now you had.

An early diagnosis can improve the prognosis for potentially-serious diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. It can also be useful to identify risk factors and develop recommendations for preventative action. Based on the results of the examination and the questions, sometimes a doctor will recommend a change in lifestyle to lower your risk of developing certain conditions or diseases.

Why have a check-up in Germany?

If you are looking to receive high-quality preventative medicine in a pleasant and welcoming environment, a medical check-up in Germany could be a good option for you. Clinics in the Premier Healthcare Germany network combine high-tech diagnostics with comprehensive lifestyle coaching to help keep you healthy and fit at all stages of life. Our partners focus on quality and professionalism in their medical services, as well as prioritize hospitality and patient comfort, to provide a positive patient experience.

Most of our patients who are interested in a medical check-up choose to go to Medicine at Stephansplatz, a collection of specialized practices in downtown Hamburg which focus on patients who do not already have a clear medical diagnosis. The clinic has a large international department with extensive experience working with international patients, and is characterized by a high level of comfort and service.

The different programs

The program of medical examinations is tailored to your individual situation. You will be asked many questions, including some about your age, gender, medical history and family history, so the physician can get an accurate impression of your overall health. This is necessary for them to make informed, science-based recommendations to keep you healthy.

The programs will be aligned with your specific wishes in close cooperation with our doctors. Please contact us for the different packages, prices and locations.