Mr. Zaglout is from Libya and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, spindle cell sarcoma. He was treated in Turkey without significant improvement. After contacting Premier Healthcare Germany, we sent him to receive further treatment in Berlin. After undergoing chemotherapy, doctors observed a clear improvement in his condition. We called him to hear about his experience receiving medical treatment in Germany.

Can you tell us something about your medical treatment?

I am currently in Berlin for medical treatment in a hospital. I am receiving treatment for ossified fibromyxoid sarcoma. After the chemotherapy, I will start with radiotherapy next week.

Why did you have interest in Germany?

I started my treatment in Turkey, but I was not satisfied with the treatment I received. I decided to go to Germany for medical treatment. I came into contact with Premier Healthcare Germany and they guided me towards this hospital in Berlin.

What thoughts could have kept you from choosing Germany and our service specifically?

None. It was clear to me I would like to go Germany.

What did our service bring to you?

I did not plan to get in contact with Premier Healthcare Germany, but I am very happy with the company. They have been very helpful to me. First of all, I am happy that they informed me about the hospital in Berlin. It was easy dealing with PHG regarding my medical reports. The hospital has a lot of knowledge about my specific cancer. Everything went very smoothly. They organized a good translator for me and assisted me in the visa extension process. I will need their support in the near future to extend my visa again.

Another big advantage for me is that they are coordinating all insurance issues with my health insurance company, ALLIANZ. This is good for me as it allows me to concentrate on my medical treatment and not bother with administrative and coordinating tasks. I am regularly in contact with Cinderella Faisal and Aiman Kardosh of PHG. They call me from time to time.

Would you recommend our company to others?

I will for sure recommend the PHG services to my friends and family.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to say thank you to the hospital and the team of Premier Healthcare Germany. I am very satisfied and have no additional comments to your team.

Thank you. We wish you all the best and get well soon.