This man helped his mother receive medical treatment in Germany. She received a cardio and an orthopedic check-up and underwent gynecological surgery while she was here. This was her second time receiving medical treatment in Germany through Premier Healthcare.

Why did you chose Germany to receiving medical treatment?
I chose Germany because of the excellent quality of medical treatment.
How did you hear about Premier Healthcare Germany?
This is not my first experience with Premier Healthcare Germany. They are professionals, very friendly, and always willing to help.
What made you trust a company you didn't know so far?
When first I dealt with this company, it has been recommended to me by another medical institute. I then checked their website and Googled their history and I found them to be a reliable company with a good experience. Accordingly, I contacted them and started to get benefits from their services.
Were there any obstacles you had to face in the process of obtaining treatment in Germany?
No, there were no obstacles.
Which factors could have kept you away of choosing for Germany and our service in specifically?
The two issues that I can think about is the cost of services, which might be higher than other countries. However, based on my personal experience, many times eventually it is not expensive compared to many other countries. The second issue is related to the complications of getting a Schengen visa to enter Germany.

What did our service bring to you?
Simply, they made my mother (the patient) healthier and more satisfied about her medical situation.
What aspect of our service was most valuable for you?
I believe the most valuable aspect, besides the quality, is how friendly the staff is. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t expecting this level of commitment to the customers. Based on my experience, particularly with Ms. Astrid Eggers: she is so kind and friendly, you just feel you have known her a long time!
Can you mention three other advantages of our services?
Well, the advantages: cost effectiveness, saving time, and you just feel that you are in good hands.
Would you recommend our company to others?
I certainly recommend this company for others, especially the ones who are unfamiliar with medical and cultural aspects in Germany or other European countries.