Mr. Sayed from Qatar visited Germany last year for medical treatment. We called Mr. Sayed afterwards to hear about his experiences about treatment in Germany and the services Premier Healthcare Germany provided.

sayed qatarCan you tell us something about the medical treatment you received?

I have had some problems with an enlarged prostate. There are many types of treatment for this medical problem. Researching the different treatment options, I decided to apply for the so-called "green laser" surgery. The laser energy is used to shrink or to remove the excess tissue that is blocking the urethra. This treatment method is, to my knowledge, not available in Qatar.

The treatment in Germany went very successful. I will visit Germany in 2016 for a post treatment.

The procedure was executed by Dr. Potteck in Asklepios Westklinikum in Hamburg.

Why did you have interest in Germany?

I know that the overall quality of medical care in Germany is very good. However, the specific procedure I was looking for is also available in other countries like the USA and Austria. I decided to choose Germany because of its good reputation and because of the direct connection of PHG with my insurance company, AXA Gulf.

Why did you choose Premier Healthcare Germany?

I approached several service providers and hospitals in Germany. To be honest, Premier Healthcare Germany was the first company who replied to my request. Mr. Aiman Abdalrahman of Premier Healthcare Germany called me and sent me a form I had to fill in. They needed some information about my medical history, medical diagnosis and other information. I also send, by luck, my AXA insurance card. After some time, he called me and told me that this treatment could be executed in Germany and PHG also arranged a full approval of my insurance AXA Gulf. I did not have to make any prepayment and everything was settled with my insurance. This was a big advantage for me.

He made an appointment with the doctor. The day after I arrived in Germany, I was admitted to the hospital. Mr. Aiman was waiting for me in the hospital. The doctor only spoke German. Mr. Aiman translated everything for me into English. The doctor explained to me the different treatment options. I decided to choose the green laser treatment.

I signed a letter to give approval and the treatment was executed successfully.

Which thoughts could have stopped you from choosing Germany and our service in particular?

Nothing. The company and the hospital made a trustworthy and professional impression to me. Some hospitals asked for more information. The information I had sent to PHG was enough. They had knowledge about the subject. Actually, the services they provided were perfect.

What were some of the services Premier Healthcare offered that were most helpful to you?

They guided me towards an experienced and qualified hospital, joined me at the first consultation and translated the meeting with the doctor. Everything went very smoothly.

A big advantage was that they arranged everything with my insurance company, AXA Gulf. They have sent me an invitation letter, which I needed for my VISA application. Another added value was the fact that they also took care of the after treatment.

After one month I had some minor problems. I contacted PHG and they put me in direct contact with the medical doctor. He advised me, although there was nothing to worry about, to visit Germany in about a month for a final check.

Would you recommend our company to others?

Yes, absolutely. I already informed many friends and family. I explained them that PHG can provide very good service. They can take care of an approval from AXA. The hospital they advised was very good. I will visit Germany again for a final check in 2016 and ask again for Premier Healthcare Germany's assistance.