Mr. Fadi from Jordan was suffering from osteomyelofibrosis, a rare type of bone marrow cancer. His doctor in Jordan recommended a bone marrow transplant – a procedure that wasn’t available in the Middle East. The doctor recommended Mr. Fadi travel to Germany or the U.K. for treatment, where the doctors had more experience with such complex procedures. Mr. Fadi’s health insurance, Metlife, put him in contact with Premier Healthcare Germany.

Premier Healthcare Germany was able to arrange Mr. Fadi’s treatment at the hospital he had chosen with no waiting time, and was able to arrange a 40% lower treatment cost than the initial cost estimate. After three months of treatment and rehabilitation in Germany, Mr. Fadi’s blood counts were stable and he was able to return home.

My doctor here in Jordan told me the only treatment available for my condition was a bone marrow transplant. He recommended for me to do the transplant in either Germany or the U.K. I have a cousin who is a doctor in Germany who recommended the University Clinic Regensburg to do the procedure.

I suggested to Metlife, my health insurance company, that I wanted to go to Germany for treatment. I gave them all the information required, including recommendations from doctors in Jordan and the UAE. In the end they agreed.

I didn’t know anything about Premier Healthcare, but Metlife suggested them. Metlife put me directly in contact with one of their staff in Dubai. From there, Premier Healthcare completed the arrangements with their office in Germany.

Premier Healthcare Germany responded in a very nice way. They’ve been very cooperative. Their staff in Dubai, and even in Germany when I was there, contacted me from time to time, asking about my health, asking if I need anything. This was really great and excellent and I was really happy with the support they showed. And the smoothness of the procedure from their side, that was really good.

The most important thing that Premier Healthcare did was the fast response they gave me. The case was very urgent, so they responded in the right way. They also helped me with getting a visa to Germany with the embassy here in Jordan, so this was very good for me.

The doctors in Germany have a lot of experience in such cases with a bone marrow transplant, especially for the myelofibrosis. This experience you cannot find in the Middle East, almost nowhere. They are highly experienced with everything, including the doctors, the staff, the nurses, they are really well-qualified and they know how to fill out the case from beginning to end.

The treatment happened very quickly. I did not have any waiting times. From my side all was smooth, I can’t ask for more.

When I was there I suffered because the disease itself is difficult, and the treatment as well is difficult. With the chemotherapy, it’s expensive. I suffered for like three or four weeks and I even got kind of a depression and so many things. Thanks to God I managed to survive. It was very, very difficult. Something that I didn’t imagine at all. I thought that I could just go through with it easily and I could support myself, but when I started the procedure, it was something else.

Everything was just fine and just right from the Premier Healthcare side. It was very much okay. I can’t ask for more. It was all good.