German Medical Award 2017: Prize awarded to Asklepios' da Vinci Center Hamburg

The jury of the German Medical Club e.V. has awarded the da Vinci Center Hamburg with this year's Medical and Management Prize in the category of "Medical Excellence" for their work in robot-assisted surgery at the Asklepios Clinics. The jury paid tribute to Asklepios' innovative center concept, which is distinguished by patient-oriented care and interdisciplinary management.

davinci table.jpg

"We are extremely proud that the expert jury of the German Medical Award has honored our treatment concept and our team performance at the da Vinci Center Hamburg. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and the extensive expertise of our team specialists, we operate on our patients at the highest level in the world and with the utmost care," says Prof. Dr. Christoph U. Herborn, Medical Director of the Asklepios Clinics.

Since 2017, the da Vinci XI, the most modern system of its kind, has been in use in the Asklepios Clinic Altona. At the da Vinci Center, the Asklepios Clinics concentrate all procedures involving robot-assisted surgeries in Northern Germany. Thus, this center has more than one unique selling proposition in offering robot-assisted operations. Another special feature is the clinic itself and its interdisciplinary use of the system, which is housed in an operating room specially-designed for these procedures. The minimally-invasive, high-tech operations - which are particularly gentle on the patient - are performed by specialists from various disciplines and from several Asklepios hospitals in Hamburg.

The German Medical Award is presented annually to innovative physicians, clinics, medical  practices and research projects that aim to improve the quality of patient care on a continued basis. The award is presented in several categories and emphasizes noteworthy commitment to the principles of medical ethics and the highest quality standards. The jury praised the interdisciplinary, therapeutic approaches of the various offices and departments, the comprehensive information for patients with diverse diagnoses, customized patient release management as well as patient-oriented communication.

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