Better Together: Joining Forces to Give Patients More

The Meoclinic in Berlin has established a new partnership with the Vivantes-Humboldt Clinic to increase the services of the urology departments at both facilities. In this new venture, Prof. dr. Manfred Beer, a leading expert in comprehensive operative and outpatient procedures in all areas of urology, will give urology patients access to a wide range of modern surgical procedures, including minimally-invasive and robot-assisted (da Vinci) operations on the kidneys, prostate, and bladder. As of January 2019, three innovative procedures will be available to patients. These include the focal therapy of prostate cancer, en bloc resection of bladder tumors and Botox therapy in bladder dysfunction.

This medical partnership opens the doors to the most innovative surgical procedures related to the field of urology. Through this new collaboration, the Meoclinic will further develop basic urological surgical practices with the goal of regularly expanding to offer the most modern treatment options, including laparoscopy and laser surgeries. Today, modern endoscopic therapy methods tend to replace major, intensive and stressful surgeries. Further, these minimally invasive procedures offer patients gentle, low-impact surgical options, and they have been proven to be less aggressive and less invasive to the organs and surrounding tissues.

Dr. Manfred Beer is a reputable pioneer in laparoscopy and laser surgery in the field of urology. He has made advances in the treatment of kidney tumors and radical prostatectomy, and holmium laser therapy used in benign prostate enlargement treatments. Additionally, he has many years of extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient urology. In addition to renal, prostate, bladder and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Beer’s operative focus is on the treatment of stone diseases such as kidney, ureteral and bladder stones. Before joining Meoclinic, Dr. Beer opened a private practice in Berlin and was the department head of urology from 1993 to 2016 at the Franciscan Hospital (Franziskus-Hospital), where he was responsible for more than 50,000 surgical procedures and over 1,000 surgeries per year.

The type of teamwork between Meoclinic and Vivantes is just one example of how German hospitals and medical experts are thinking outside of the box and offering new and technologically advanced treatment options to patients. This partnership is good news for urology patients near and far.

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