Put your best foot forward!

Even though our feet have a direct impact on our overall health and mood, they are possibly the most overlooked part of the body. Healthy feet play an important part in feeling good and being physically active. So, it is very important to keep your feet in good condition in order to avoid unnecessary pain and related foot problems. Luckily, it's actually easier than you think to keep your feet in tip top shape. Follow these 10+ tips to keep your best foot forward.

  • Practice good foot hygiene – keep them clean and dry. Wash your feet each time you bathe or shower. Since your feet take a beating each day walking, running and dancing, the soles can quickly become calloused and dry. It’s a good idea to scrub feet with a pumice stone and soap and water. And always make sure to dry your feet and between each toe, because dark, damp areas are the perfect atmosphere for fungus and bacteria. And nobody wants Athlete's Foot!
  • Keep your toenails short and well groomed. Use a clean set of clippers to cut your toenails straight across. A straight cut will help to reduce the risk of ingrown toenails.
  • Wear shoes made from natural materials (like cotton or leather). Natural materials allow your feet to breathe and air circulate. If you know your feet sweat a lot, try wearing shoes made of mesh-like fabrics to make sure you have better air circulation. If you have to wear synthetic hosiery, make sure it's not too tight, which can prevent air from getting to your toes.
  • Wear the right shoe size. Shoes that are too tight can cause bone deformation and blisters, and on the other hand, shoes that are too big can lead to swelling and poor ankle support. Ill-fitting or low-quality shoes have been known to cause more than just ingrown toenails. They can lead to corns, calluses, blisters and poor arches. Choose a fairly wider, rounded shoe with plenty of room for your toes and a broad, stable heel. Avoid pointy shoes and high heels.
  • Pamper your feet on a regular basis with a soothing foot soak. You can make a calming, disinfecting soak with Epsom salt, vinegar and a bit of rich https://premier-healthcare.eu/interesting-reads/healthy-living/healthy-cooking-oils">oil.
  • Massage your feet by rolling a tennis ball under your feet. It’s like yoga for your feet! Some say this trick even relieves back pain and resets the tiny bones in the feet.
  • Check your feet and toenails at least once a week for problems. Look for signs of peeling, dryness and discoloration. Also, foot odor may be a sign of infection or fungus. Keep in mind if you have diabetes, you should inspect your feet every day as diabetics have a higher risk of foot sores and infections.

These tips are a good place to start, but the best way to be sure your feet is in good shape is to consult a foot specialist. Many issues can be resolved with prescription medicated creams or a minor in-office procedure. Taking the time to let a doctor inspect your feet is the first step in stopping minor problems from becoming major ones.


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