The general assumption with medical travel is that working with a third-party company will increase the overall costs. Actually, working with a patient management company such as Premier Healthcare Germany can actually save you money. But how?

Our professional case management team can handle administrative tasks quickly and more efficiently than a hospital. By outsourcing the bureaucratic work to us, the hospital saves money, resulting in an overall lower cost of treatment. By saving money on the administrative side, you can reduce the cost of your stay without sacrificing the quality of your medical treatment.

Our local presence and knowledge of the German healthcare system allows us to represent you on a cost-controlled basis according to state-enforced hospital pricing guidelines. While exact prices may vary from hospital to hospital, we work hard to narrow the gap between what international patients and what German patients pay.

In addition, with excellent planning and comprehensive preparation, we can help you avoid surprises, reduce risks and limit your time in Germany, all of which can result in major cost savings for you. Long before you arrive, we make sure to have a formal review of your case done by a German doctor. They will examine your diagnosis, take your medical history and overall health into account, and make a treatment recommendation to minimize risks for you.

Removing potential risks involved with your medical treatment can significantly reduce your overall treatment cost and prepayment. With careful planning, we can help you avoid unexpected complications and secondary costs during your treatment.

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