Neuron is one of the largest and fastest-growing medical insurance companies. It operates through a large network of medical services suppliers, local and global partners. Neuron is a local company, established for over 16 years, the largest share of which is owned by Dubai Wing. It manages some of the largest and most prestigious insurance programs such as Enaya, the Government of Dubai Employee Healthcare Benefit Scheme. It also forges strategic partnerships with top-quality medical care organizations in the UAE and around the world, and is the first company to implement the E-claims system.

Neuron has appointed Premier Healthcare Germany as assistant partner for Europe.  With this new unique collaboration, Neuron offers members access to a wide choice of German hospitals and clinics. Premier Healthcare Germany puts high-quality German healthcare within reach for Neuron members. Each patient has his or her own unique treatment needs and expectations. Premier Healthcare Germany guides Neuron members through the complex bureaucratic maze of the German healthcare system so that patients can focus on their treatment and not on the administrative side.  Neuron members can be sure of making the most effective use of their time here, and of being treated just as well as German citizens in top-quality Germany hospitals.

The people in the Premier Healthcare Germany team are all experienced and competent professionals with extensive knowledge about the availability and quality of medical care in Germany. Our multilingual employees have the necessary expertise to communicate with doctors and patients alike in their native language, be it German, English, Arabic. Premier Healthcare Germany acts as an intermediary between doctors and patients to optimize the communication process and ensure that patients receive the treatment they require.

Premier Healthcare Germany has offices in Hamburg and Dubai, creating an optimal position to work with patients and the German medical system. If requested, Premier Healthcare Germany also offers support in arranging travel logistics. They can assist patients in the visa application process, arranging flights, organizing pick up services, organizing a medical translator and in finding suitable accommodation in Germany to best match the patient’s needs. The goal is to minimize stress so patients stay focused on treatment and healing while in Germany.