Asklepios hospitals are a good option for patients who want a good quality of care at an affordable price. With more than 150 medical facilities and 26,500 beds located all throughout Germany, Asklepios is the largest private hospital group in Germany.

"Together for health"Asklepios St Georg HausC

  • Europe’s largest private hospital chain
  • Founded 1985
  • More than 150 facilities located throughout Germany, including 9 in Hamburg
  • 26,500 beds and 46,000 employees
  • Treat more than 2 million patients per year
  • Strong focus on patient-centered approach and modern medical techniques
  • Highly experienced working with international patients
  • Affordable

Largest private hospital group in Germany

Approximately 46,000 employees treat more than 2 million patients in Germany per year, making Asklepios one of Germany’s largest employers as well as healthcare providers. It is one of the larget private hospital groups in Europe, and the largest in Germany.

Asklepios' guiding philosophy revolves around a patient-centered approach: Only by providing a high degree of personal care can patients heal and recover.

Founded in 1985, Asklepios took over many of the public hospitals in Germany during healthcare reforms in which many public hospitals were privatized. There are nine Asklepios clinics in Hamburg alone. The clinics have different medical specialisms and several house leading multidisciplinary medical centers for fields such as heart, spine or brain.

The doctors and nurses work with German efficiency to treat patients and help them recover so they can leave the hospital as quickly as possible at the end of the treatment. The goal is to provide timely, effective treatments to minimize the hospital stay and allow patients to return home as soon as they are well enough to do so. This can help minimize costs without compromising the patient’s safety or comfort.

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Asklepios hospitals adhere to strict German safety standards. Doctors will explain the treatment options to the patients and inform them of potential risks before. They work with transparency and are happy to answer patients’ questions with full honesty. Patients in Germany have a high degree of autonomy, and while doctors will make recommendations for treatment, it is ultimately up to the patient to decide. Asklepios staff members are committed to treating patients with honesty and respect, and will support the patient and work to provide the best possible care in every situation.